I just gotta ask my folks. Don’t leave without me.

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fangirl challenge : [1/10] female characters

       » Myka Bering - “There’s pressure in any job. I like this one.”

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lotr meme: Three races → Elves (1/3)

“And Oromë loved the Quendi, and named them in their own tongue the Eldar, the people of the stars.”

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I can’t believe this wasn’t on my dash already. This should be on everyone’s dash.

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btvs + finales

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"You know, she solved you. The mascot."

Are we going to talk about the fact that Joan has discussed that conversation with him?

We know she was angry and kept it all bottled up in the restaurant but when she finally got back to Sherlock she must have let loose about what Moriarty said. I’m guessing we caught the end of it in Gregson’s office.

I think she was especially mad about being called a mascot; that’s why he picks up on it in his confrontation with Moriarty, because it upset Joan the most, so he takes the thing that hurt her and throws it back in Moriarty’s face to prove Joan’s power, to use the insult as a tool of Joan’s power.

In writing everything is done with a purpose; there are no accidents. “The Mascot.” is it’s own sentence to truely emphasise Joan’s place in this world, because if you’ve made it through 24 episodes and still think Joan Watson is a sidekick, this scene proves you very much wrong.

This one line takes Sherlock and Joan’s equality and brands it into the very heart of the show: In Elementary, there’s no such thing as a sidekick.

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partners who communicate are THE BEST.

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  • Irene wasn’t fridged
  • Irene wasn’t a victim
  • Irene wasn’t a generic love interest
  • Irene beat Sherlock
  • Irene took everyone’s preconceived notions of gender in criminals and lit them on fire
  • Irene was a completely unrepentant HBIC
  • Irene (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

i heart this post except for one thing: Irene didn’t really exist. Joan beat ~Moriarty, and that is what makes it brilliant.

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