Stronger together.



Look at his face, he’s like, “LOVE? IS IT LOVE?”

And Regina’s all, “LOL NOPE. MURDER.”

"Regina’s at that special age where she only has one thing on her mind.”



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Adam & Edward: I love that!
Edward: I love that you touched her face! That was not in the script. Lana came up with that and that was like a awesome choice.
Lana: You know, I remember thinking… I reshot this scene after I worked with Bailee on some of the other scenes, and I just.. part of me missed touching her. I just missed touching her when I was kind and loving towards her. Like I wanted her to stop crying, and to calm her like she did in the true love scene.
Edward: It was so complicated, because you wanted to help her stop crying and yet at the same time you were basically saying ‘but, there’s nothing you can do, you’re going to die’.


The real star of ‘Stable Boy’, the poor horse with the crush on Lana.

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Birthdays in the Mills family must have been fun.

  • You’re gonna marry the king. SURPRISE.
  • I told your mom about Daniel. SURPRISE.
  • I made you think I support you and then killed your love. SURPRISE.
  • We can bring your dead love back to life. SURPRISE. Just kidding he’s dead.
  • I read your diary to keep tabs on you. SURPRISE.
  • You can cast a curse to get your happy ending but you have to kill your dad. S U R P R I S E.

(a compilation of things Regina might have felt were just a little threatening prior to arriving in Storybrooke.)

This hurts. My poor baby, precious, love of my life!!! She has been through so much omfg :( I love her so much.