SO. Halloween.

I did dress up at work, and besides McDonald’s we were the only restaurant in the food court to dress up. We got a few nice comments and amused smiles, so that was nice. I also brought my camera but then forgot to take pics, so oops.

Then when I left work I put on my Mario hat again because why the fuck not, it’s Halloween, but jeez. I got so many condescending looks while wearing it— like do you really believe you’re better than me because you’re not dressing up on Halloween? Really? I’d love to argue that point. Ugh people.

Then I went with my friend and bought candy so we could dress up, walk around Old Québec and hand out candy to kids, but we found maybe five dressed-up kids, so we gave up after about two hours, ate at a small greek restaurant and decided to split up all the candy. We have about 12$ worth of varied sweets each so that should last me a week or so.

Good day overall.

This is the second time in a row that I try to go give blood and I can’t because my blood iron level is too low. Last time I could shrug it off as I’d been eating take-out a lot because it was in the middle of the worst heatwave we had this summer and cooking made my little apartment feel like hell itself, but this time I’ve been planning my meals all week to consume as much iron and vitamin C as I could.

The other times I gave blood, my iron level was excellent. Like, the nurses complimented me on my iron level because it’s harder for women to keep it that good.

There’s three possible reasons for this. One, I started working in a restaurant so obviously I eat there when I’m on the clock, which means less homecooked meals. Two, my period is sneaking up on me and I haven’t noticed. Three…. well, my mom and both of my sisters have anemia. So maybe I should start worrying about that.

I just hate school so much.

And I want to be in bed because I’ve had a long and exhausting day but I can’t because this is a team assignement and I need to finish and send it to my partners NOW.

I just hate school and I know I should be grateful I can afford to go and that not everyone is as lucky as I am but I’m just not made for it and it’s always in the dead of night, when I don’t have the busy world around me to distract me, that my dislike is strongest.

So I had supper over at my best friend’s earlier right? And he lives in one of these apartment that are basically one shared kitchen and bathroom and lots of bedrooms, so he has many roommates.

One of his roommates, one I met a few days after I fell on the mirror plate at work, came home just after we finished eating, and two of her friends were waiting for her, so there were a few people in the apartment. She said hello to everyone individually and then got to me and was like “Oh, I don’t think I’ve met you?” and then a split second later went “NO I DID YOU’RE THE GIRL WITH THE BURN. I’m sorry, that’s all I remember about you.”

So apparently now I’m known among his roommates as The Girl With The Burn.

So, I had a small accident at work today…

I now have a Totoro cell phone charm. :3

  1. Camera: Olympus u550WP,S550WP
  2. Aperture: f/3.5
  3. Exposure: 1/8th
  4. Focal Length: 6mm

My little sister needs to stop referencing her sex life on Facebook.


Chocolate caramel ice cream cone for dinner, at 11, because today has been long and hard and I’m both too tired and not hungry enough for anything else.

Also, I am an adult and I do what I want.

Wow yes I really needed my bra cup snapping on top of everything today thank you universe it’s really appreciated.

Being called in to emergency replace someone at work sucks if it means I don’t have time for breakfast or coffee… but I guess seeing someone walk around the food court dressed as Pikachu kinda makes up for it.

Who wants to play Monopoly with me?

  1. Camera: Olympus u550WP,S550WP
  2. Aperture: f/3.5
  3. Exposure: 1/40th
  4. Focal Length: 6mm

I went grocery shopping and now I want to make mac and cheese with real cheddar and onions and mushrooms and bacon and whole wheat penne because I’ve been craving pasta for days and it will be so good I will cry but I’ve been working long shifts for the past few days and I am tired and sore and El-Hadj called today to say he can’t work tomorrow so now I know that instead of the short three hours shift I was supposed to have I’ll be working most of the day and I know I’ll be pulling a double shift on Monday and I need to do the dishes before I can cook and now I’m just sitting here trying to get up and I just

can’t find the will

So I also bought these stickers along with the t-shirts I got today, and now I’m wondering if I should put it on my messenger bag even thought it might fall apart in a few months or so, or if I should wait until I find a more permanent place to stick it.

  1. Camera: Olympus u550WP,S550WP
  2. Aperture: f/3.5
  3. Exposure: 1/15th
  4. Focal Length: 6mm

aw yissss

came home from work to find the two t-shirts I ordered online in my mail box

I hate that truly nice geeky girls t-shirts can basically only be found online, but at least they CAN be found online

Jesus there was so much junk food on sale at the grocery store.

I made bad decisions.