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so keep holding on.

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May the odds be ever in your favor.

Xena would wipe the floor with these ladies

No she wouldn’t, because Xena would point out that the REAL enemy is the Capitol and Gabrielle wouldn’t let her kill the other tributes who were just as much victims as they were so Xena would propose that they take the fight to the Capitol. Jane and Mulan would be like “Fine whatever we just want to protect our girls” and Cara would be like “Do I get to kill peasants? Yes? Excellent. I’m in.” and Kahlan would roll her eyes but its Kahlan and its fighting for a Noble Cause and The Good Of The People so she’d be in. Myka would the one making complicated ‘plans’ with Xena, trying to use their resources most effectively and Helena well… I can see Gabrielle asking Helena what she does and Helena just smiles that not-very-nice-smile and says something like “I cause chaos darling.”  (Helena and Faith would probably get along GREAT). Buffy would vanish for a bit then come back into camp carrying a dozen stakes and when everyone looked at her she’d just be all “what? It’s my weapon.” And hand some to Faith.

And then they would all team up and wipe the floor with the Capitol while Quinn and Rachel provided rousing background music

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Faberry ll Dreamers & Realists [youtube]

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“Ask for a gardenia…with a light green ribbon wrapped around it to match her eyes.”

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“Every story needs a memorable detail.”

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The One with the Thanksgiving Curse

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Why carry on without me?

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